Tips For Getting The Best Results From A Recruiting Firm

When a company owner hires a recruiting firm to find candidates for key positions, he or she can save time on the search process and get access to the recruiter's network of top candidates. However, it's important to make sure to hire a recruiting firm that can provide the best possible results. The following are some tips for identifying the best recruiter to fill top positions in a company.

Look For Industry Experience

Many recruiting firms specialize in one or more industries, so a business owner should look for a recruiter whose expertise is a good fit. For example, a recruiting firm that specializes in toy company careers is the best match for a manufacturer or retailer of toys. Such a recruiting firm has a narrow focus and in-depth expertise, meaning they are able to nurture potential candidates with excellent toy career advice.

Look For A Detailed Screening Process

A good recruiter should do all the preliminary work so that the business owner only sees a few highly qualified candidates' resumes at the end of a lengthy screening process. The point of hiring a recruiter is to save time on going through resumes and making a decision, so look for a recruiter who has a highly detailed screening process that will filter out all but the best candidates.

Get Information About Employee Retention Record

A recruiting firm may be able to boast a high rate of successful placements, but that number doesn't have much value if most of the hirees are no longer in their job after a year. Look for recruiters who place qualified candidates who go on to become satisfied employees.

Hire A Recruiter With Sufficient Reach

This is important for large companies that do business all over the world. Whether hiring for an overseas post or for local positions that will interact with international partners, companies need recruiters whose network extends to wherever a company needs its employees to be.

Companies who hire qualified outside search firms with industry expertise benefit by getting access to top potential job candidates, including those who are searching for work and those who are currently employed elsewhere. The right recruiter can be the best solution to staffing needs.

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